About Us

This website is aimed to promote the practice of Participatory 3-Dimensional Mapping for Disaster Risk Reduction.

JC Gaillard is Associate Professor at The University of Auckland in New Zealand and a former member of the faculty of the University of the Philippines Diliman. His present work focuses on developing participatory tools for DRR and in involving marginalised groups in disaster-related activities with an emphasis on ethnicity, gender, imprisonment and homelessness. JC actively collaborates in participatory mapping and community-based DRR trainings with NGOs, local governments and community-based organisations. More details from: http://web.env.auckland.ac.nz/people_profiles/gaillard_j/

Jake Rom D. Cadag is currently a PhD student at the University Paul Valery in Montpellier, France. He is also a former faculty member of the Department of Geography of the University of the Philippines. Jake is pursuing his professional specialties in disaster risk reduction and management. He is an aspiring community worker that has great interest in the development of participatory tools involving communities and integrating all potential stakeholders in disaster risk reduction. He has a wide experience in disaster research and had published many journal publications. He has been involved in many research projects in several countries, particularly in the Philippines, funded by international and local NGOs.

Both JC and Jake have conducted more than twenty P3DM for DRR projects in the Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Nepal, France and Cape Verde. These projects have been funded by CAFOD and other local and international NGOs.

Dinnah Feye H. Andal is a Bachelor of Science in Geography graduate from University of the Philippines Diliman. Over the few months after she graduated, she is practicing her skills on Geographic Information Systems (GIS). She is also an active mapping volunteer for OpenStreetMap Philippines.


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